Friday, March 26, 2010

Yoplait Giveaway

March is almost over, how are you doing on your New Year's Resolution's? I didn't make any this year. I was a little busy with the new baby. :) But I have hit the point in post-pregnancy weight loss where I'm no longer losing weight quickly and easily. If I want to lose any more, I have to do something pro-active. 

That's why I was so excited when My Blog Spark and Yoplait offered to send me an "Outsmarting Temptation" gift pack plus a coupon for a free yogurt sample. I love the lunch tote that is included with this pack. It's so pretty I want to use it for more than just lunch! And the journal will be very helpful to track my eating habits. It gives me a place to record the foods I eat and it's nutritional content. 

I have to say that Yoplait has done a pretty good job with their yogurt's in the past, and their new flavors seem to be a great alternative to a sugary, fat-filled dessert. Red Velvet Cake and Blueberry Pie are two of the offerings on the menu. (Check out all flavors and get a $1 off coupon here.) Unfortunately, with baby's dislike of anything dairy, I won't be able to try these flavors any time soon. But my family is sure to like them!

I am pleased to announce that My Blog Spark and Yoplait have given me the opportunity to share a gift pack with one of my readers! One lucky winner will be selected at random. You will receive a Yoplait Light "Outsmarting Temptation" gift pack, which includes an insulated gourmet lunch tote, a food journal and a travel utensil set. 

Leave a comment as your submission along with a way for me to contact you. A winner will be announced at noon on April 2, and you will have 48 hours to respond with your mailing address. Leave a separate comment for each submission.

1, Leave a comment with what flavor of the new Yoplait Light you'd like to try.
2. Become a follower or subscriber and leave a comment letting me know. [How to become a follower: click the link on the right of the blog that says "follower" to follow using blogger. Click the link that says "subscribe to posts" to choose another reader.]

A winner has been announced!


  1. Red velvet cake sounds yummy!

  2. I like strawberry mango. Well....pretty much any strawberry flavor.

  3. Kari likes Apricot Mango! I became a follower but don't figure out how to make my name show up on my comment.

  4. would love to try the red velvet cake!!

  5. Blueberry pie sounds appealing. Yummy.

    karin56381 (at)

  6. I would try the red velvet flavor.


  8. Boston Cream Pie is pretty good... ;) I add sugar free cocoa powder to it. lol

  9. I'm game for either new kind, that is if my girlie doesn't rip off the top before I do.