Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Resource Review- Fix-It and Forget-It

We all have to eat. Most of us have to cook. I once heard a speaker refer to her crock pot as her "hand maidens" (from Proverbs 31). I have a desire to use my crock pot more, but typically make the same four things over and over again. The Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook series offers a little bit of help when it comes to finding quick and easy meals for your crock pot. 

This book is divided into the typical sections that cookbooks are divided into: Breakfasts Foods, Breads, Soups, Main Dishes, Vegetables, and Beverages are a few of the chapters. Each chapter contains recipe submissions from folks around the country. There are also tips for using your slow cooker interspersed throughout. 

I love that most common recipes have several submissions, allowing me to find one that works for me and my family. The recipes are easy to follow with common ingredients. The meals are hardy and filling. 

This book is a handy tool for getting out of that crock pot rut. The are available spiral bound, which I highly recommend. Mine is not and it's binding is very stiff and hard to keep open. There are several more titles in this series, including 5 Ingredients, Diabetic Diet, Low-Fat, and Entertaining. Grab one today!

Do you have a favorite Slow-Cooker recipe or cookbook? I'd love to try it out!

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  1. they also make a box with recipe cards with most of the same recipes