Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Resource Review- Sink Reflections

Sometimes I wish I had a housekeeper. The amount of stuff that we have to keep picked up is often overwhelming. And cleaning bathrooms used by little boys is a dirty job. We have talked about the possibility of hiring a college student to come in and help at different points in my motherhood. But eventually, I decide that I don't want to give up anything else in our budget to pay for it. That means, that I need to find a way to better manage my household in order to maintain some standard of cleanliness that we can find livable.

One book that has really helped me to get a handle on my housekeeping has been Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley. She takes this monumental tasks of keeping a clean home and breaks it down into pieces (called Baby Steps). She helps you build one habit at a time until the jobs that are required become natural.

The title "Sink Reflections" comes from Baby Step #1- Shine Your Sink. When my sink is all shiny and clean, my morning starts out so much better. It's like a big smiley face is waiting for me in my kitchen. It drives me to make the rest of the kitchen as clean and sparkly.

Each and every chapter covers another step in helping you get a handle on home maintenance. Everything from that kitchen sink all the way to laundry and paperwork are covered. her principles are the driving force behind my cleaning schedule and goals. I'm sure there's something in here for you to draw from, as well.

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