Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Works-for-Me Wednesday- Discount Groceries

Don't think you have the time to cut coupons or search for dinners? Think it's too much work for not a big enough reward? (I'll talk with you about that later!) But for now, know that you can STILL save money on groceries. There's a resource lurking right around the corner that you may not be aware of- the clearance rack!

WHAT?!? A clearance rack at a grocery store!?! I know, surprised, right? At the back of many stores, kind of hidden in the hallway to the "employees only" area, there is often a section of items that are marked down because the boxes and cans are dented. Last week, we found a jumbo pack of diapers there for $3.00! It wasn't opened, not squished- we gladly took it! At another store, I found McCormick spices marked down to a quarter! and not expired or dented or anything! I snatched up all they had :)

Some places are lucky enough to have whole stores devoted to selling dented merchandise. I haven't found one in Lincoln. (If you know of one, please tell!) But I have found good deals at Alps (27th and Y). This is a great place to consistently purchase generic items for less. They often have brand name items, too. I am also loving the Bread Outlet at 48th and Old Cheney. You can get bread that's marked at about half the price of the grocery store. Yesterday they had too much bread and marked it all at $1.00 per loaf. They have mostly Sara Lee and Earthgrains products.

So, those are some ways to save money on your grocery bill without cutting a single coupon. :) Have any other ideas for me? Check out other tips at Works For Me Wednesday.


  1. I have never found discounted food items at my grocery store--however, they often do put their shampoo/diaper/stationary items on clearance. I'm going to take another look though!! THanks for sharing! Happy WFMW!

  2. We have a grocery store called Shaws here. I go a few times a week to get marked down items. Yesterday they had juice for 1.00, about to expire fresh salsa for 1,00. Fresh cut pineapple for those deals

  3. I love clearance racks! Day old bread still tastes great and can be used for French toast, for example. Fruits and vegetables work fine, too, as long as they look good. You have to use tomatoes right away, but most things will keep a few days. My kids work in the local supermarket and I've learned that often there is NOTHING wrong with that fruit--they just put it there to make room when the new stuff comes in!
    And don't forget manager's specials in the meat department. It is 100% safe and usually guaranteed--just use right away or put in the freezer.
    Please do remind us all of how much you can save with coupons. I tell people that it seems spending an hour playing with my coupons on the weekend seems like a lot, but then I save $40 at the grocery--that's $40 for an hour of work! What job or hobby pays like that, LOL?