Monday, March 29, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I usually love having meals together with other families. Whether the menu is planned out, or it's just a regular ole' pot luck, I love them all. I love weddings and graduations parties. Pretty much anything that means I don't have to cook for my family. :)

One of the worst parts about not eating dairy because of baby is having to avoid food of all sorts that I have not cooked (and I barely trust that!). I don't know that I have a point to all this complaining, but it has certainly made me more conscious of the food issues that other people may have and has altered the foods I bring to events, even when I'm not nursing a baby. Now, when I have a brunch to attend, I bring a hot item that doesn't contain cheese. When it's my turn to bring snacks, I'm opting for fruit salads and peanut butter on celery sticks. And when we have a pot luck to attend, I bring along a sandwich.

This past weekend we went to a wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony, but I kept wondering what would be served as the meal. It turns out that I could safely eat about half of it, so I was fine. (I had a granola bar along, just in case!) This summer is probably going to be filled with church potlucks and picnics since we are putting the finishing touches on a building and everyone is looking forward to doing that sort of thing. (I am not.) What do you do when attending an event where you know you won't be able to eat the food? Any tips for me?

Monday- Tuna Casserole (mine made separately without cheese)
Tuesday- Roast
Wednesday- Fried Rice
Thursday- Sausage and potatoes
Friday- Pizza Night (mine made without cheese)
Saturday- Leftovers
Easter Sunday- Dinner w/family

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