Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Works-for-Me Wednesday- the school crate

Since we homeschool our kids, there's the potential for lots of books to be all over our house. We turned one bedroom of our house into the "school room." Really it's a toy room with a table and some bookshelves, but it keeps us a little more organized. The problem comes because it's right next to the bedroom and it's hard to be in there during nap time. Once again, we had piles of books all over the house.

The problem came to a head after we had the baby last month. I couldn't go up and down the stairs as much (c-sec), but we needed to do something for school. Books were everywhere again. And when I sent them back upstairs with the kids, they ended up in a pile on the floor. (Does anyone else have kids that do that?) I think I have found a solution to our problem, and it has worked beautifully the last couple of weeks.

I saw a post last fall from a mom who had a basket in each room for their school books. So I modified that idea to fit our need. I took a crate and filled it with the books that we use on a daily basis. Throw in a pencil box with writing supplies, and we're good to go! The books are contained in one place, and we can carry them to whichever room we're working in. Right now we're focusing on just a few subjects- Bible, reading/language, math, and Chinese, so it all fits in one crate. Because I know someone will ask here is what I have in our crate: home organization binder, school planning planner, character building book, notebook, phonics book, Chinese lessons notebook, math books, Bible, language book, chapter book, wedgets cards, planner, pencil box.

Do you have a school organization tip to share? We'll be adding the rest of our subjects soon, and this crate isn't going to hold it all! Check out the links at Works for Me Wednesday for other great tips.

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