Monday, January 25, 2010

Mail Call

I think that the best part about signing up for free stuff, is the fun of getting it in the mail. I usually forget what I've requested by the time it comes, too, so it feels like I'm getting a present in my mail box! This week, we didn't check the mail until Saturday, and our box was overflowing with goodies. Here's what we scored this week:

Kraft Maid ideas books
feminine hygiene products from
feminine hygiene products from costco
stickers from Disney movie club
Bible bookmarks from
Sample of green tea in a cute mesh bag from Lipton
granola bar from
Menards rebate check
SC Johnson rebate check
Free Digiornio pizza coupons from Kraft First Taste
Free tuna pouch coupon from Vocal Point

I honestly have no idea if any of these offers are still available, but have included the links if you'd like to check them out. As soon as I see a link somewhere for a free offer or special coupon that I'd like, I click it open in a new window. Often, I'll be reading through blogs and surfing the web and will get half a dozen tabs open for free offers to fill out. Later, I'll fill out all the forms and sit back and wait for my samples and coupons to come! Rebate forms are filled out as soon as the product is purchased and mailed off- I don't want to forget. I'd encourage you to sign up for First Taste and Vocal Point if you haven't, yet- I love getting coupons for free full-size products! Another great company is House Party. Sign up to host parties and get a box in the mail to help you host it. We got free Digiornio pizzas for a football party!


  1. What's in the Kraft Maid ideas book? Is it anything useful or just pretty pictures?

  2. There were two books. The inspiration book helps you identify your "style" of cabinets and then gives a few tips for each style. Semi-useful if you're not sure why you like what you like or for tips on picking things that fit. The selection book goes through all the options for selecting your cabinets (wood, stain, configurations, etc). Very useful if you were to purchase KraftMaid cabinets. Plus, lots of pretty pictures :)