Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Resource Review- FPU

Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University WorkbookHave you ever heard of Dave Ramsey? He is my favorite "money talk" speaker. He is funny and humorous. His principles are Bible-centered. He makes IRA's easy to understand. All in all a great place to go for help!

We took a class a few years ago called Financial Peace University through our church. There are thirteen sessions with titles such as "Dumping Debt" and "Buyer Beware." Each session starts with a DVD of Dave Ramsey teaching principles. Then there are discussion questions to reinforce some of the main points. Where it all comes together, though, are the accountability questions. Assignments each week include making a budget, cutting up credit cards, discussing financial goals and more. The discussions with your spouse each week are well worth the time and effort. Then coming together with other families gives you a glimpse of how others are making these principles work for them, too.

We had a handle on many of these financial issues. One that really impacted our lives through the taking of this course was the chapter on "Dumping Debt." Here Ramsey lays out a plan for getting rid of debt in a way that works- it's called the debt snowball. After signing up for the class, you will have access to FPU online, which includes a debt snowball calculator. This is an awesome tool that tells you the order in which you should pay off your debt to make the most impact. If you have any extra money to throw at the debt, all of it will go towards the first one to be paid off while maintaining minimum balances on the rest. When one debt is payed off, that money is "rolled" into the next debt. I love how this tool will tell you when each debt will be payed off. If we have extra money that we want to use to tackle debt with, we can log into the system, apply the amount and see exactly how it affects when we will be debt free!

Whether you are sunk in debt, can't get a handle on your budget, or are looking to maximize your savings- there's something here for everyone. I highly recommend Dave Ramsey's principles and the Financial Peace University classes. Find a class in your area, today!

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