Monday, February 8, 2010

Menu Plan Monday- Dairy Free Week

I love that when you're nursing a baby you need like 1,000 more calories every day! I usually spend mine on things like chocolate and ice cream. :) Today, however, is the start of a no dairy diet. Why!?! Why would anyone in their right mind cut ice cream!?! Well, my baby vomits after eating at least once a day. And she cries unless she's being held. And she won't stay asleep unless she's being rocked. (Two or three weeks ago she did not cry or need this much rocking.) My baby is seven weeks old and I think she has a dairy intolerance. 

We've been here before. I had to cut dairy with Eleanor. I learned a lot about where dairy hides in my purchased foods. I sometimes splurged and bought dairy free chocolate ice "cream" from the health food store. Thankfully, she outgrew it around nine or ten months. If that is the case this time, I'll be eating dairy again just in time for the cheesy mashed potatoes and french silk pie that will be a part of our Thanksgiving feast! For now, though, dairy is out. And this week will be the hardest. I'm sure I'll forget and pour milk on my oatmeal and try to eat some ramen noodles (yup, there's dairy in that!). 

Monday- ham soup
Tuesday- sausage and potatoes
Wednesday- turkey noodle casserole (using mayo for my portion)
Thursday- eating out? (or fried rice)
Friday- pizza (with a personal no cheese pizza)
Saturday- Leftovers
Sunday- Lunch for friends Lasagna (Pasta with marinara for me), bread, salad

I'm lamenting the loss of most of my quick meals- mac n cheese, quesadillas, etc. These are the meals I use when life happens and what I have on the schedule is just not going to work. Rethinking that this week. Let me know if you have any ideas! Look up some other menus at the Organizing Junkies page.

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