Monday, February 15, 2010

Menu Plan Monday- Dairy Free Week 2

Last week we went dairy-free to see if that would help the baby. Good news- it worked! She stopped vomiting and has settled down. Bad news- it worked! No more ice cream, cheese, or chocolate for mom. It catches me by surprise when we discover dairy in places I wouldn't expect. With Eleanor the big surprise was the Ramen noodles. With Roselyn the big surprise so far has been the cocktail sauce. Thankfully, it's only two ingredients that we had on hand, and Greg mixed some up just for me.

I had some powdered soy milk left in the cupboard that I've been using on things, but it's not very good for drinking straight. Time to hit the store for some soy and/or rice milk. When we were in Asia last summer, our host family made fresh soy milk daily- it was so yummy! I saw a soy milk maker on craigslist last week and wonder if it's still there...

Monday- Grilled Chicken and Green Salad
Tuesday- Fried Rice and Cookies (to a pot luck)
Wednesday- Ham Soup
Thursday- Pasta and Salad
Friday- Pizza (leftover pasta for mom)
Saturday- Chili and Corn Bread
Sunday- Leftovers

That's the dairy-free plan for the week. Having a special diet makes planning the menu especially important. Most of my easy go-to meals include cheese (mac and cheese, quesadillas, frozen pizza). Have any dairy-free, quick and easy meals for me to try?

Check out the Organizing Junkie's page for other menu plans.


  1. I'm wondering if it's dairy or lactose that is bothering the baby. Our family is lactose-intolerant, so I can modify almost any recipe by substituting lactose-free milk, margarine, lactose-free yogurt and sharp cheddar cheese (naturally lactose-free bc of aging process). But right now, assuming it is dairy that is the culprit, I'll gather some recipes and post them for you later today. Hope it improves!

  2. I did a bit of research when this happened with my last baby. I have lactose issues, too, but can have some dairy without problems. With babies, it's the milk-protein that bothers them. Lactose is the sugar that's in all milk, including mothers milk even when she's on a dairy-free diet. I'm looking forward to some recipes. I tried to use a dairy-free margarine and soy milk to make frosting last night- that didn't turn out the way I hoped it would... I didn't do many substitutions last time and just suffered through it, so this is all still new to me. She's doing great now, and is sleeping a lot more contentedly, as well.