Monday, September 21, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

There's nothing like two weeks in a row of traveling to make a mom go crazy with planning menus! This weekend, I'll be heading out of two for a convention, and need to leave food my husband can find and prepare. He's a great cook, he just hasn't had to do it in a while... so I over plan and give them plenty of options to choose from. This means I should have a couple of easy meals ready to go for those nights when looking at my plan seems daunting. It's nice to have those so I don't feel tempted to beg for an unexpected night out :)

Breakfasts: cereal, bagels, bananas, milk
Lunches: sandwhiches, popcorn, trail mix, grapes or apples, milk
Monday- Raising Cane's (This is a mystery shop, I'll write more about that in a later post)
Tuesday- Hot dogs and mac n cheese for kids (date night for mom and dad!)
Wednesday- Chicken fried rice, leftover birthday cake
Thursday- ?? (any ideas for something I can have left ready to grab and go)
Friday, Saturday, Sunday- tuna helper, frozen pizza, quesadillas, hot dogs, leftovers

That's my plan! Check out the Organizing Junkie's website for more menu ideas.

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