Friday, September 11, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I love looking at cookbooks. All the yummy looking food and fun ingredients. I often have high hopes of trying some of those new things, but we tend to stick to our family basics. I'm always so frustrated when I find what looks like a promising book or article about meals on a budget. The budget of those writing the article is vastly different than mine, though! $10/meal is a special dinner in our home. We shoot for under $5 per dinner, and there's not a lot out there that's helpful for that budget. I did recently find a great site that I'm excited about, though. Check it out! $5dinners It has a bunch of recipes (cost included) and other resources about using up garden produce, or stocking your freezer. I'm really excited to check out this website more!

Sometimes I will try something new. Usually, I'll look at a couple of recipes and see what's common among them and try to replicate it. It often takes a few times before we have a "standard" that works for our family. This is how I learned how to make fried rice, stir fry, red beans and rice, marinara sauce, chili, soups, broth, and all sorts of things. My favorite site for recipe searches is allrecipes. Hundreds of recipes at your fingertips, often including a picture, and user reviews. kraftfoods has a site with lots of pictures and ideas, but I don't usually use their brand of products, and that cuts the cost down to something within my budget.

Breakfasts: eggs, bagels, fruit, milk
Lunches: PB sandwiches, pretzels, fruit, milk
Sunday-Tuesday- still traveling!
Wednesday- Fried Rice, juice
Thursday- Tuna Melts, fried potatoes, juice
Friday- Pizza, juice
Saturday- Pasta Party: pasta, salad, bread, cake & ice cream, punch
Sunday- Eat What You Want Night (ie leftovers)

For more menus, visit the Organizing Junkie.


  1. Your menu looks great. Have you found tastykitchen? It's a great new site with lots of recipes. I am all about budget meals too! I'd love to have your recipe for fried rice and read beans. My husband loves red beans and rice but I'm afraid to mess it up.

  2. Another great and handy website is -- All crockpot recipes, mostly really easy. And reasonably cheap if you get chicken at foodnet almost every week :)

  3. Looks yummy! I love trying new things, but Hubby isn't so happy about change! I completely understand it taking a few tries to find what works for the family!