Sunday, November 1, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Do you ever get tired of cooking? Do you get tired of planning menus? Tired of making the same things over and over? Do you have a desire to try new things, but no time to find recipes that fit your family and budget? That's me right now... So, here's my un-inspired menu for the week. These are all easy meals for me, and my goal is to go through some of my dusty cookbooks and mark a few recipes for later this month. My goal for the month is to try a new recipe each week. I also need to keep my dinners under $5/meal. Do you have any fun, frugal recipes I could try?

Breakfasts- cereal, oatmeal, muffins, fruit, milk
Lunches- pb&j, popcorn/pretzels, fruit, milk
Monday- Cheesy Chicken and Rice
Tuesday- Venison Roast, Potatoes, Carrots
Wednesday- Fried Rice
Thursday- Waffles or Pancakes
Friday- Pizza Night
Saturday- New Recipe Night (Will update with recipe!)
Sunday- Eat What You Want Night (leftovers)

That's my plan! Head over to Menu Plan Monday to check out some other weekly meal plans.


  1. Actually my menu plan inspiration, these days, comes from what's on sale, Angel Food Ministries and the food bank.
    I then look for recipes using the items on hand. Since we're on a limited budget if additional ingredients are inexpensive I'll make that recipe.
    So far, it's been working.
    Looks like you and your family will be enjoying some delicious meals.
    I'm always looking for different meal ideas. That's why I love MPM.
    You have a great week!

  2. One of our cheap-staples is crockpot in the chicken.
    I buy boneless-skinless breasts (on sale fresh for $1.69/lb), place them in crockpot, pour can of cream of celery soup over it, add some diced carrots, cook all day.
    I serve it over wide egg noodles or yolk free noodles, whichever I have on hand.

    It tastes like chicken & dumplings. My boys love it, and it's so easy and frugal. :)

  3. Thanks for the meal ideas! I usually make my meal plan eating what's in the freezer and stock up on sale items for the next schedule. But what I tend to make gets repeated every two to three weeks, and I'm ready for some new ideas!

    I love the crockpot, too. This chicken recipe reminds me of one I used to do with porkchops. I would serve the "gravy" over mashed potatoes. This variation over egg noodles sounds delicious!