Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Will You Be Satisfied?

"I am not saying this because I have need for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances." ~Phil. 4:11

It was a couple of years after Greg had been laid off. He had a job, just not in his field, not making as much. I was done. Ready to be over this trial. Ready for the Lord to say we had learned what we needed to and we could now move on. So, of course, I was crying. Sobbing, more like it. I was tired of skimping and saving. I was tired of waiting. I had a picture in my head of what our life should look like, and this was not it!

My wise husband challenged me with these words, "What if this is it? Will you be satisfied if this is all that God ever gives us?" Initially, that just made me cry harder! But, of course, he was asking me the right questions. Would I be content with what the Lord gave to me, or would I sit around and be miserable waiting for something that I perceived as "better?"

I was able to look at our life and see that God was providing for us. All of our needs were being met. We were even paying down debt and had a little "fun" money, too. I could learn, like Paul, to be content in my circumstances. I realized that if I couldn't be content with what I have now, I would never be content with what I was given more in the future. I could choose to be satisfied with the life the Lord had given and to be thankful and full of praise.

After all, Paul was in chains and imprisoned and shipwrecked and lots of other bad stuff. He had found a way to put his hope in the Lord no matter his circumstances. I had a warm house, plenty to eat, a loving family- I could find a way, too. I would choose to be satisfied and content.

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