Sunday, October 25, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Having been sick for several weeks, it takes a lot out of me to plan a meal and cook it. I'm so thankful for a system in which I plan my menu for the week and for having stocked up on sale items so I don't need to hit the grocery store this week. Another great idea for a sick mommy is children who are capable of preparing a simple meal. Mine help out often enough, but only once has my oldest made dinner mostly by himself. I think it's time to make sure they can measure things for themselves, and read a recipe properly! Next time I'm sick, I'll make sure we're stocked up with the ingredients for some basic meals, and have them do it all!

Breakfasts- oatmeal, muffins, fruit, milk ($4)
Lunches- PB&J, pretzels/popcorn, fruit, milk ($3)
Monday- Venison steaks, rice and broccoli, Peach Cobbler ($2)
Tuesday- (Date Night) kids- bean and cheese burritos, juice ($1)
Wednesday- red beans and rice ($2)
Thursday- Lasagna ($2)
Friday- Pizza Night ($2-3)
Saturday- Chili and Cornbread ($3-4)
Sunday- eat what you want night (leftovers)

For more great ideas to help you plan your menu, visit Organizing Junkie.

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