Monday, December 14, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This is my last week of menu planning for a couple of weeks. We're having our new baby in just eight days! Next week, my mother-in-law will stay for a couple days. She and my sister-in-law will take care of Christmas dinner. They told me not to worry about anything, but I'm thinking about baking some breakfast goodies for my freezer as my contribution. :)

In the past when we've had a baby, we've usually had several friends offer to bring us meals. It's so nice to have one less thing to think about during the day with a newborn. I've also doubled a couple of family favorites and frozen them throughout the month. This year, I didn't, needing to keep room in the freezer for the deer my husband is hopefully shooting tonight!

Knowing what a huge blessing it is to a new mom, I have done my part to provide meals over the years, as well. Sometimes I've wondered if a sack of lunch and breakfast items would be just as appreciated. (And quite honestly less work for me!) Or an offer to vacuum the house (especially after a c-section). What do you think? What other kind of help could be offered to a new mom in those first couple of weeks?

Monday- Chicken strips, potatoes, veggies
Tuesday- Hot dogs, mac and cheese, salad
Wednesday- Pasta
Thursday- Venison stew, bread/rolls
Friday- Pizza Night
Saturday- Sausage and potato skillet
Sunday- Eat what you want night (ie leftovers)

There are lots more menus and recipe ideas at

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